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This box includes everything you need to teach letters A, B, C, and D! This box is intended to provide a month's worth of lessons teaching one letter a week for four weeks. Each letter includes a 4 day lesson plans with 5 activities per day. That's 20 activities a week! There is also a math activity for each day to work on early counting and number sense skills. 

This box includes: 

  • 1 supply bag with 2 colors of playdoh, dice, paints, paintbrush, cotton swabs, small glue bottle, and glue stick (these supplies will be used with each letter in this box)

  • 4 letter packets, each packet includes :

    • 4 day (optional 5th day) lesson plan 

    • Letter Poem

    • Letter book

    • 7 worksheets

    • Laminated double sided playdoh mat

    • Uppercase/ lowercase letter sorting mat

  • 4 letter craft packs

  • Number cards

  • 48 letter squares


The goal of this box is to make teaching letters easy for your child and you! Children learn best through play, so the activities include a mix of fun hands-on activities and crafts and worksheets. 

Letter Box 1: A-D

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