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Here is everything you need to teach a letter of the alphabet in one place. The activities in the pack focus on 3 things: letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds. Little learners learn best through play and hands-on activities. I intentionally left some activities open-ended so you can do what feels right for you and your child, and you can also use supplies you already have on hand.


This activity pack includes: 

  • My Aa Poem
  • Circle the Sound- identify letter sounds
  • Blank  A (uppercase & lowercase)- blank letter A to use to practice fine motor skills and letter formation, fill in the letter with paint, stamps, stickers, or anything you have at home
  • Letter Maze- distinguish between uppercase letters to identify the correct letter
  • Find the Letter- distinguish between lowercase letters to identify the correct letter
  • Dot the Letter (uppercase & lowercase)-use a Q-Tip and paint to dot the letter reinforcing letter formation and fine motor skills
  • Write It- trace the uppercase and lowercase letter reinforcing letter formation
  • Graph It-count the objects that start with the letter and color in the boxes on the graph
  • Letter A Book- six page book featuring high frequency words and letter A words
  • Letter A Cards-15 color cards that feature words that begin with letter A
  • Sorting Cards- use with the Letter A Cards to find different ways to sort the pictures
  • Build It: Play-Doh Mat- develop fine motor skills and work on letter formation (I recommend to print on cardstock and laminate)
  • Letter A Sorting Game- distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters by sorting the apples in the correct basket
  • Letter Puzzles-cut apart and match uppercase, lowercase, and beginning sounds of the letter

Letter A Printables

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