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My World and Me: 1st and 2nd Grade Social Studies

Welcome to My World and Me! This is level 2 in my elementary social studies series and covers topics taught in first and second grade social studies. This is a live class taught on Outschool. Click the button below for the current schedule!

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This ongoing weekly Social Studies course is designed to be an introduction to the world we live in for first and second graders. This class covers four units over a 37 week period. Each week is a stand alone topic which makes it easy to start this class at any time or to drop in if your student is looking for a short term class. Each topic is grade appropriate and broken down into easy to understand lessons. The lessons are full of discussions, colorful slide presentations, and engaging activities.


Each week will include a printable worksheet that we will complete together in class. Students will have ample opportunities to share and interact with each other in class. Students will need to bring the worksheet (or blank paper) and a writing utensil to class. Having crayons, colored pencils, or markers on hand would be handy as well but not necessary.


My favorite part of teaching is building relationships with my students! I encourage participation and discussion. It is preferred if students can mute and unmute themselves. I allow students to stay unmuted, but I will mute if there is distracting background noise.


Check out the full schedule of topics below (weekly topics may change slightly):


Fall 2024


Week of Aug. 19: Rules and Laws

Week of Aug. 26: Principles of Good Citizenship

Week of Sept. 2: Rights and Responsibilities

Week of Sept. 9: Purpose of Government

Week of Sept. 16: Levels of Government

Week of Sept. 23: Government Services

Week of Sept. 30: Public Officials

Week of Oct. 7: Taxes

Week of Oct. 14: Participating in Government


Past and Present

Week of Oct. 21: Learning About the Past

Week of Oct. 28: Primary Sources

Week of Nov. 4: Secondary Sources

Week of Nov. 11: Past and Today- Maps

Week of Nov. 18: Past and Today- Graphs

Week of Nov. 25: No Classes (Thanksgiving)

Week of Dec. 2: Past and Today- Timelines

Week of Dec. 9: Past and Today- Cause and Effect

Week of Dec. 16: Compare and Contrast the Past and Today

Week of Dec. 23: No Classes (Winter Break)

Week of Dec. 30: No Classes (Winter Break)



Week of Jan. 6: Exploring Communities

Week of Jan. 13: Population Density

Week of Jan. 20: Communities: Rural

Week of Jan. 27: Communities: Urban

Week of Feb. 3: Communities: Suburban

Week of Feb. 10: Community Diversity

Week of Feb. 17: Our Communities

Week of Feb. 24: Changing Communities

Week of Mar. 3: Natural Resources

Week of Mar. 10: No classes (Spring Break)

Week of Mar. 17: Conserving Natural Resources



Week of Mar. 24: Economy

Week of Mar. 31: Good and Services

Week of Apr. 7: Producers and Consumers

Week of Apr. 14: Income

Week of Apr. 21: Spending and Saving

Week of Apr. 28: Supply, Demand, and Scaricty

Week of May 5: Banks

Week of May 12: Changing Economy

Week of May 19: Trade Week of

May 26: Goods

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