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Exploring Our World: 2nd and 3rd Grade Science

Welcome to Exploring Our World! This is level 3 in my elementary science series and covers topics taught in second and third grade science. This is a live class taught on Outschool. Click the button below for the current schedule!

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This class is structured to be a complete curriculum class for second and third grade. We will have a new topic each week where we will explore science topics geared to second and third grade curriculum standards. We start a new topic each week, so it is easy to start at any point during the school year. We will cover topics in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Each week I will post a printable handout that goes along with the lesson. This will be posted on Sunday evenings in the Outschool classroom. On weeks that we have an experiment, I will demonstrate the experiment in class and post directions on how students (with parent supervision!) can complete the experiment at home, outside of class. It is not a problem if students do not have the handouts for class. They are always welcome to listen and participate by sharing ideas and answering questions.


My favorite part of teaching is building relationships! I strive to create a positive, relaxed environment where we can learn and have fun. I do not require students to mute, but I will mute students if there is distracting background noise. It is helpful for students to know how to mute/unmute themselves. I encourage students to ask questions and participate!


Here are the topics for the year (topics may change slightly):


FALL 2024


Week of Aug. 19: Intro to Science

Week of Aug. 26: 5 senses and Observations

Week of Sept. 2: States of Matter

Week of Sept. 9: States of Matter

Week of Sept. 16: Properties and Classifying Matter

Week of Sept. 23: Changes to Matter

Week of Sept. 30: Materials, Mixtures, and Structures


Force and Energy

Week of Oct. 7: Magnets

Week of Oct. 14: Fall Break (No Classes)

Week of Oct. 21: Gravity

Week of Oct. 28: Force and Motion

Week of Nov. 4: Simple Machines

Week of Nov. 11: Light Energy

Week of Nov. 18: Sound Energy

Week of Nov. 25: Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

Week of Dec. 2: Heat and Mechanical Energy



Week of Dec. 9: Weather

Week of Dec. 16: Clouds and Water Cycle

Week of Dec. 23: Winter Break (No Classes)

Week of Dec. 30: Winter Break (No Classes)


Spring 2025

Space and Earth

Week of Jan. 6: Natural Disasters & Fast Changes

Week of Jan 13: Space

Week of Jan. 20: Moon

Week of Jan. 27: Rocks

Week of Feb. 3: Rocks

Week of Feb. 10: Weathering and Erosion

Week of Feb. 17: Soil

Week of Feb. 24: Earth's Land

Week of Mar. 3: Earth's Water

Week of Mar. 10: Spring Break (No Classes)


Living Things

Week of Mar. 17: Plants Parts and Seeds

Week of Mar. 24: Pollination

Week of Mar. 31: Habitats

Week of Apr. 7: Plant Adaptations

Week of Apr. 14: Animal Adaptations

Week of Apr. 21: Natural Resources

Week of Apr. 28: Food Chains

Week of May 5: Plant Life Cycles

Week of May 12: Animal Life Cycles

Week of May 19: Fossils

Week of May 26: Seasonal Changes

Week of June 2: Natural Changes

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