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Exploring Our World: 1st and 2nd Grade Science

Welcome to Exploring Our World! This is level 2 in my elementary science series and covers topics taught in first and second grade science. This is a live class taught on Outschool. Click the button below for the current schedule!

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This class will have a new topic each week where we will explore science topics geared to first and second grade. We will cover topics in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Each week I will post a printable handout that goes along with the lesson. On weeks that we have an experiment, I will demonstrate the experiment in class and post directions on how students (with parent supervision!) can complete the experiment at home, outside of class. It is not a problem if students do not have the handouts for class. They are always welcome to listen and participate by sharing ideas and answering questions.


My favorite part of teaching is building relationships! I strive to create a positive, relaxed environment where we can learn and have fun. I do not require students to mute, but I will mute students if there is distracting background noise. It is helpful for students to know how to mute/unmute themselves. I encourage students to ask questions and participate!


Here are our topics:

Summer Recap: Mix of Review of topics from previous lessons (with new activities) and new lessons Week of June 10: States of Matter

Week of June 17: Structures and Materials **Students will need popsicle sticks, index cards, and glue or tape**

No Class June 24- July7

Week of July 8: Landforms

Week of July 15: Natural Events

Week of July 22: Habitats

Week of July 29: Food Chains

Week of August 5: Offspring and Inherited Traits

Week of August 12: Sun & Moon


Fall Semester Starts week of Aug. 19. **My schedule is changing for the fall. If continuing, please choose a class time from the sections beginning the week of August 19th.**



Week of August 19: 5 Senses and Making Observations

Week of August 26: Scientific Method

Week of September 2: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Week of September 9: Properties of Matter

Week of September 16: Irreversible and Reversible Changes


Earth Science

Week of September 23: Earth Systems and Water Cycle

Week of September 30: Landforms and Bodies of Water

Week of October 7: Fast and Slow Earth Events

Week of October 14: Earth Changes and Erosion

Week of October 21: Rocks and Minerals

Week of October 28: All About Bats

Week of November 4: Soil and Erosion Weather

Week of November 11: Weather

Week of November 18: Clouds and Severe Weather

Week of November 25: All About Turkeys (No classes Thursday and Friday)

Week of December 2: Forecasting Weather and Climate

Week of December 9: Sun and Moon

Week of December 16: All About Polar Bears

Week of December 23: No classes this week

Week of December 30: No classes this week


Living Things

Week of January 6: Living/ Nonliving

Week of January 13: Types of Animals and Animal Survival

Week of January 20: Animal Life Cycles

Week of January 27: Hibernation, Migration, Adaptation

Week of February 3: Plant Needs and Habitats

Week of February 10: Plants Parts & Life Cycle

Week of February 17: Photosynthesis & Pollination Habitats

Week of February 24: Ecosystems

Week of March 3: Desert Habitat

Week of March 10: No classes this week

Week of March 17: Temperate Forest Habitat

Week of March 24: Grassland Habitat

Week of March 31: Marine Habitats

Week of April 7: Freshwater Habitats

Week of April 14: Polar Habitats

Week of April 21: Caring for Our Earth

Week of April 28: Tundra Habitats

Week of May 5: Tropical Rainforest Habitats

Week of May 12: Microhabitats


Physical Science

Week of May 19: Force and Motion

Week of May 26: Gravity and Magnets

Week of June 2: Sound and Light

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